Growing Bar   By Gwadahunter2222 

 Chapter-03 : Sanae the cat girl and Megumi the reticent

Warning: This story contains adult terms; don't read if you haven't the legal age.
This is a fictional story all resemblance with certain people or real fact it's a purely coincidence.

There were three days since Kyoko accepted Nanami's proposition and lived with her. Nanami's home was a former warehouse she transformed to a huge house she adapted to her needs. It divided in many rooms like she had envisaged that situation would happen.
Everybody had his own room, all of them were empty except Sanae's room, she was with Megumi.
Since she started to live here Sanae kept her new look, it seemed she would stay definitively a catgirl, she was 215cm tall and 130cm D-cup size, she was just wearing a white bra and a white panties, Megumi was naked and had grew to 195 cm tall and 145 cm E-cup size.

-"Sanae san I'm too embarrassed." Megumi reddened and felt uncomfortable to be naked.
-"Daijobu! There's no one her."
-"It's necessary! Sanae need to know Megumi's measurements!"
-"But I don't want somebody see me naked!"
Sanae smiled...  --"Even if it was Kyoko sempai?"
Megumi face became red, Sanae burst to laugh.
-"Sanae san!!"
-"Daijobu, Kyoko sempai wouldn't reject Megumi chan, Kyoko sempai would love Megumi chan more."

Megumi put her hand in her face and showed her back to hide her feelings. Sanae smiled and put the tape measure around her chest.

-"Ah! Sanae san!"
-"It was the only way to Sanae to take Megumi chan's size."
-"Megumi chan can grow taller, Nanami san say the biggest and the tallest Megumi chan wants. Sanae thinks of Megumi chan said when Megumi chan met Kyoko sempai and Sanae."
-"Huh!" Megumi turned her to see Sanae.

Sanae smiled and said -"Sanae thinks Megumi chan is a shy person."
Megumi was embarrassed she turned her head to avoid to see Sanae smiling face. --"I…I…!!" Megumi began to cry when she felt Sanae took her in her arms and pushed her head against her chest.
-"Daijobu, Sanae understands Megumi's feelings."
Megumi cried...  --"Sanae san!"
-"Daijobu, everything will be ok now."

In the same time, Kyoko was with Nanami, they were walking towards Shinjuku.

-"Where are we going?"
-"You don't remember the place, Kyoko!"
-"The problem it's not that!"
-"You don't like your clothes."
-"Un! I feel uneasy with that clothe."
-"You don't like them, Sanae specially made them for you. Poor Sanae! She will be sad to know you don't like the clothes she made for you."
-"Don't make joke with me! It's you to ask her to make these clothes!"
-"Kyoko you don't know it isn't good to show someone with her finger."

The reason of this discussion was Kyoko's new clothes that Sanae made for her.

Kyoko was wearing a brown mini skirt and brown lumber jacket and a white bra with black spots like a milky cow's skin, her panties and her stockings were the same colours except her shoes which were black, she had small cowbell as necklace which rang every move she did, she looked really like a milky cow.

--"You the narrator shut up!"

Nanami in her side was wearing a black skintight la white mini skirt a red jacket which closed with one button showed her chest with a nice pair of black stockings and black shoes on her feet. She had little necklace on her neck.

Their clothes emphasized their voluptuous bodies, a bit too much for Kyoko she was now 205cm tall and 155 cm G-cup size bra.

-"I felt like a cow! Nanami."
-"Daijobu if you act normally nobody won't notice it. We arrive soon."
-"Ok! I will try."
Nanami giggled and said --"I prefer that."

The two women continued to walk, it was difficult to Kyoko to act as Nanami had said because her chest jiggled each step she made, she looked Nanami and saw that her chest did the same thing.
Nanami was walking fast her pink hair was shining, she looked so wonderful, everyone was looking at her.

Kyoko was envious and did the same, she felt everyone was watching her, she liked it, she was the centre of all the discussions, every one was talking to her.
Every guy around was looking them when they passed, every girl were jealous, Kyoko felt her superior and followed Nanami.

-"Now you see what I mean."

Kyoko understand the feeling to be bombshell and she liked it.

Nanami and Kyoko descend a stairway and stopped front of a door.
-"This place!"
-"Now! You remember Kyoko."

Nanami opened the door and entered, Kyoko followed her inside. Nanami switch on the light, Kyoko now could see more precisely the place.

-"This is!"
-"Hai, Kyoko the "growing bar"."

The bar was huge, there were mirrors on the walls, there were huge tables and huge chairs and there were normal table and chair too. Kyoko watched the floor and realised how huge she had grown.

-"Wow I grew so big."
-"Kyoko can you come here, please?"
Kyoko ran to Nanami who was behind the bar.

-"What is it?"
-"Follow me!" Nanami pushed the door and invited Kyoko to come. When Kyoko entered, she didn't believe what she saw.

-"This is the place where you are going to work." Nanami showed her the kitchen, Kyoko smiled and caught Nanami with her arms.

-"Arigato, Nanami! I'm so happy!"
-"I knew you would like it. But now we have some work to do. Let's go!"

In the same time at Nanami's home, Sanae took Megumi's new size, she had grown a bit since we left her, it seemed Sanae succeed to convince her but she was still embarrassed.

-"...Sanae san!"
-"Do you like your new look?"
-"Of course! Sanae likes Sanae is now! It's Sanae's dream to be like that! It must be the same to Megumi chan."
-"I don't really know, when I saw you the only thing I thought at this time is to be like Kyoko onessan!"
-"Megumi chan like a lot Kyoko sempai."
-"…" Megumi's face became red.
-"Sanae san!"
-"How did you met Kyoko onessan and Nanami san?"
-"Sanae is happy Megumi chan asked that!"
-"……" Sanae kindly smiles at her.
-"Onegai, begin!"

-"Ok. ….Sanae's story begins when Sanae left her hometown Osaka to live in Tokyo to become a designer."
-"You wanted to be a designer!"
-"Sou! Sanae learned in one the most famous fashion university in Japan."
-"Even if Sanae had learned in a famous university Sanae didn't find work *sigh*..."
-"….Gomen nasai!"
-"iinoyo, don't mind. ….Sanae found a work as an office lady in a company and met Kyoko sempai."
-"You worked with Kyoko onessan!"
-"Sou nano… Kyoko sempai was very kind with Sanae, maybe it's for Sanae fell in love of Kyoko sempai."
-"You love Kyoko onessan!"
-"Onegai keep it secret! Sanae is too embarassed!"
-"When did you met Nanami san?"
-"Sanae met Nanami boss this week, it was Tuesday after Sanae left her work, Sanae liked to walk in the town and watched the windows of the store clothing to see the newest creation."
-"Sanae san, you like clothes a lot."
-"Sou nanno?! ….When Sanae was going to see the windows of Sanae's favourite shop, Sanae saw there was another person."
-"A tall pink-haired girl with an incredible huge chest, she was wearing a tight white docker, a blue jean shorts and a nice pair of black boots."
-"Nanami san!"
-"It was her! Sanae decides to look at her, her body was fascinating Sanae. Nanami san was so voluptuous, Sanae wanted to know her size.

--"I'm 225cm tall and 132.5cm size." She said. She turned in direction of Sanae, and smiled. -"...Is that's you want to know?"......


-"Sumi masen! Sanae doesn't want to be indiscreet."
-"Daijobu, it's nothing but if you want to be forgiven could you take a drink with me."
-"Please follow me!"

Sanae follow Nanami san until Sanae arrived in front of a huge door.

-"Where are we? Sanae didn't know this place."
-"Daijobu, it will be fine. Please enter!"

Sanae entered and was surprised by that Sanae saw, it was a huge bar with a lot of mirrors on the wall.
-"Can you come here please?"
-"Hai! Sanae is coming!"

Nanami put a milkshake on the table.
-"A milkshake!"
-"You don't like it."
-"Sanae likes everything which makes with milk."
-"I hope you enjoy it."
Sanae drank the milkshake in one shot.
-"Wow you were right when you said you like everything with milk."
-"It was the best milkshake Sanae has drunk in her life."
-"You are a second person who says that, arrigato."
-"It's nothing Sanae tells the truth, you know!"
Suddenly Sanae felt her body became hot."
-"What did happen to you Sanae san?!"

-"Sanae felt strange, Sanae's ears change they grew and became cat's ears and cat's tail grew up in her back and made a hole in Sanae mini skirt, her eyes became yellow and looked like cats eyes . Sanae stood up and watched her in a mirror.

-"Sanae doesn't believe it."
Nanami san came behind Sanae -"It's you my little kitty." Nanami san rubbed Sanae's ears, Sanae felt Nanami san's breathe in right ear, Sanae was so horny.

-"You don't have finish your transformation."

When Sanae heard that Sanae turned back and watched Nanami san. Nanami smiled and said-"It doesn't finish."

Sanae was watching Nanami san when she felt hot again Sanae's clothe became too tight.

The buttons of Sanae's clothes popped, and revealed Sanae's sexy white bra.
Sanae's Nipples were erected and pushed against the textile, Sanae's ass was growing too and ripped Sanae's mini skirt. Sanae heard a lot of rip noise. Sanae felt her shoes became too tight before they burst.

Sanae felt so horny, Sanae became wet and moaned with pleasure.

Nanami san was watching Sanae with a big smile.

Sanae was growing taller, Sanae's clothes stretched, Sanae sexy black bra snapped, Sanae's panties and mini skirt ripped were followed the rest of Sanae's clothes...

Sanae was completely naked and was still growing, Sanae's pleasure became stronger, Sanae's head hit the ceiling, Sanae burst in a powerful orgasm, milk flowed from Sanae's nipples.

Sanae sat on the floor and took back her breath, Sanae's nipples were still giving milk.
Nanami san had watched everything with pleasure and moved next to Sanae.

-"How was it!"
-"It was great! Sanae likes it!"
-"I'm glad you like it Sanae chan!"
-"Sanae doesn't know your name."
-"Gomen ne! I'm Nanami nice to meet you Sanae chan."
-"Nice to meet you Nanami san."

Sanae watched her new look in the mirror..
"Sanae understand Nanami san's feelings when she watched the windows of the clothes shop. It's hard to find clothes of Nanami san's size and it costs a lot to make them."
-"Daijobu, I arrive to find some clothes, you know."

Even if Nanami san said that to Sanae chan not to worry about her, Sanae chan couldn't stop to think of it.

-"Sanae got an idea! Sanae is going to work here as a designer and will make clothe for Nanami san and the other girls like her."
-"It's nice to you but you don't have a job."
-"Nanami san is right but Sanae chan feels Nanami san need her help. But if Sanae chan leave her sempai will be alone."
-"I think you'd better to think to your sempai first."
-"Nanami san is right Sanae will speak to her sempai and will give an answer to Nanami san tomorrow."
-"It's fine for me but now let's have some fun."

Sanae chan doesn't believe what Sanae chan saw.


-"What did you saw Sanae san?"
-"Sanae saw Nanami san grew and became as tall as me, her tits were bigger. I felt Nanami body on me, Nanami san watched me with her blue eyes, I felt to be attracted by her mouth.

Nanami san and I kissed passionately....

Sanae thinks she won't say anymore and will pass this part."

-"Sanae smells Megumi to be excited."
-"Sa… Sanae san!!!"
-"Daijobu Sanae will show you later."

Sanae was licking her lips and watched Megumi with a lust expression on her face. Megumi felt that.

-"What happen after you left Nanami san?"
-"Sanae went home."
-"No, Sanae was back to her former look and it seemed her clothes came back as nothing happened."
-"The same thing happens to me too."
-"It seems our clothes come back normal after we grew, we no need to worry to buy new clothe."
-"You're right Sanae san."
-"As I said when I came back to home, I took a shower and I went to bed. I woke to go to work and met Kyoko sempai."
-"You spoke with her about it."
-"What did she say?"
-"Kyoko sempai asked me to not worry about her and accept the job. Kyoko sempai was very kind, she understood Sanae's own feelings. From the inside I thought I abandoned her that she encouraged me to fulfil my dream."
-"Kyoko onessan is a nice person."
-"Un! Sanae thinks Megumi chan why Kyoko sempai hit Megumi chan."
-"Sanae thinks Megumi chan knows what happen next."
-"You left your job and you work here now."
Sanae smiled -"Hai! You're right!"
The two girls giggled.

-"Megumi chan now it's your turn!"
-"Megmi chan must tell to Sanae how Megumi chan met Nanami san and Kyoko sempai."
-"Sou, Of course!"
-"I saw Kyoko onessan Monday when I went to school, she walked next to me when I felt to be attracted by her, I turned back and we watched face to face."
-"It was strange, I felt like my body communicated with her. We were watching us a long time when I remembered I was late I screamed ?I'm late." And ran as fast as I could. I didn't saw Kyoko onessan until I met Nanami san."
-"Megumi chan didn't know Kyoko sempai, when we met together."
-"Hai. If Nanami san wasn't here at this moment we wouldn't meet anyway."
-"Nanami san saved me when bad guys who were going to rape me."
-"It would be hard for Megumi chan."
-"Daijobu desu..., Nanami san saved me, she's very strong, she kicked them like balls, she looked like to play football with them."
-"Sanae didn't know Nanami san was so strong."
-"Me too! She fascinated me, I watched her to kick them, it was scared. They were screaming like babies and ran away.

-She turned and watched me I saw her anger face became a nice face. She smiled and came to me, she took her hand to me.


-"Daijobu, they won't come back again, I'm Nanami."

I grabbed her hand she helped me to stand up and I saw how tall and how gorgeous she was.

"My home is near, I think it will be fine to go and to give you some clothes." I was following her when we met you and Kyoko onessan."


-"Megumi chan!".
-"What did you say that words when we met?"

Megumi's face became sad.
-"Because it's true!"
-"No, it isn't."
-"I know what I say! Nobody cares about me even my parents! When they divorced they were disputing who would get my guard, both of them didn't want me.
Finally they decided I was going to live with a friend of my mother. She's nice but she works a lot, I'm always alone at home. I have no friends at school, my teachers don't care about me.

I always walk late in the evening when this boys tried to rape I didn't defend me and I let them to do their things, I was thinking it was the best thing it would happen to me.

But when Kyoko onessan hit me, I was shocked by that she did. It was the first time someone hit me even my parents didn't do that. In her words I felt she worried about me, No one before her ever did for me that she did, she was the first."

Megumi started to cry Sanae took her in her arms and put Megumi's head on her chest.

-"Daijobu Megumi chan isn't alone now, Kyoko sempai. Hie, Kyoko sempai, Nanami san and Sanae are your friends. Megumi can tell everything to us."
-"Ara, Mochiron!! (Oh, of course!)"
-"Arigato Sanae san."

The two stayed in that position a while....

It's good event to what are Kyoko and Nanami doing?

-"I can't stand anymore Nanami!"

Kyoko was tired, she was sitting on a chair, her body was cover by sweat and spread her huge mammaries on a table and put her head on them.

-"What are you talking about?" Nanami in her side was sweeping the floor.
-"I'm talking about to clean this place."
-"We don't have the choice."
-"Why don't you ask Tanaka san to do it?"
-"He already takes care of the home and the other things we need. But I think you are right. Wait a minute!"

Nanami ran to the entrance and closed the door behind her. Kyoko watched the scene and was still in her position.

-"I wonder where she goes."

Kyoko stood up after she heard the scream. It was a man voice, he was young maybe 20 or 21 years old.

-"What do you want from me?"
Kyoko listened Nanami voice and put her hand in her hand. --"I have a bad feeling."
-"Kyoko! I found the solution!"

Nanami opened the door with one hand and showed her what she took in her other hand. It was a young man, average height 172cm, a student we short hair, with his glasses he looked like Keitaro the main character of the manga Love Hina. He was dressing as someone who searched a job.

He was screaming. -"Please help me!"

Kyoko watched his face with a strange expression on her face. The young man was scared.

-"HHiiiiiiii!!!!" -"Nanami! What have you done?"
Nanami answered with a big smile.
-"I have solved our problem! Why?"
Kyoko became angry.
-"You call that solve a problem!"
-"It's that you who say who don't want to clean the bar!"
-"I say that but…"
-"Daijobu, He was searching a job when I find him."
-"Is it true?"
-"Hai madam! I had just failed a meeting of recruiting when I felt to be grabbed from behind and saw it was this face, she smiled and said --"I think you are the person I need." And brought me here."
When he said that, he was imitating Nanami's expression.

...Kyoko recognized Nanami's method.

-"He imitate you well Nanami."
-"You think too."

Kyoko looked Nanami with an angry watch.
-"Don't make fun with me Nanami!"
Nanami smiled.
-"Daijobu Kyoko."
Kyoko became anger.
-"Maybe it would be fun."
Kyoko crossed her arms.
-"Ano… Eto… Sono…"
Nanami smiled.

-"Maybe like that!"

Nanami grabbed Kyoko's bra and made her nipple visible. Blood came out from the nose of the poor boy.

-"What are you doing Nanami?"
-"Why don't you Breastfeed him?"
Kyoko became embarrassed.

-"I don't think it's a good idea!"
-"Ok, I will do it."

Nanami smiled and gave the boy to Kyoko who seized him on her arms and sat on a chair.
He is mesmerized two giant lady, he sat in front of her mammoth tits as if being good child.
He just faced her areola and erected nipples. His face turns deeply scarlet..
Kyoko grew 60-70cm(about 2-2.5ft) bigger than him, so he looks like a little child.

While Kyoko watched him, her motherly sense awoke.

-"What's your name?"

The boy fell under Kyoko's control.
-"My name is Takeshi."
Kyoko smiled and showed him her breast.
-"Well Takeshi do you want I feed you."

Kyoko put her nipple in his mouth and felt him to suck it, she moaned.
Nanami sat on a chair and watched the scene. Kyoko felt Takeshi drank her milk. Kyoko started to grow, her shoes burst, her bra snapped, her lumber jacket and her mini skirt became too tight. Only her panties and her stockings seemed to resist.

She stood up with Takeshi in her arms, he was still sucking her growing nipple.
Kyoko moaned stronger, her lumber jacket and her mini skirt burst, her panties and her stocking started to rip.
Kyoko sat on the floor, her tits were growing so huge, she could lift Takeshi with her both hands, she made him to sit on her leg.
Kyoko nipple grew so huge, Takeshi grabbed it with his two hands and continued to suck.
Kyoko was so hornier, she started to rub her pussy with one of her hand and with the other she was holding Takeshi.
Kyoko rubbed her pussy vigorously and felt she was coming. She burst in orgasm, milk gushed from her nipples, Takeshi was soaked with milk.

Takeshi came back to him and was amazed by what he saw.

-"You succeed your meeting, now you work here. Congratulation!"
Takeshi turned and watched Nanami who was smiling to him.

-"I think you must finish what you have begun."
Takeshi turned and watched Kyoko. Kyoko was sitting with her wet pussy and milk was flowing from her nipples. Takeshi stood up and moved back to see Kyoko's size.

-"She's huge!"
-"You awoke her sexual appetite, you must satisfy her."
-"I would want to do it but I don't think I have the size to need for her."
Nanami smiled.

-"Do you think really?"
-"I'm sure. I… AAAAhhhh!!!"

Suddenly Takeshi's trousers burst and freed a huge swollen erected cock with two swollen ball. Takeshi was astonished and put his hands on his head with his hands.

-"HHIIIIII!!! How… How can it be?!"
-"I think it's possible now."
-"Wh...What's happening to me?"
-"You should ask her."

Takeshi felt to be hold by his dick and lifted him. It was Kyoko.

-"Have a good time."

Kyoko put Takeshi's cock between her breasts and sucked it. Takeshi was crush by the weight of the two swollen breast, Kyoko was sucking him so powerful that he ejaculate with a strong flood of sperm in Kyoko's mouth.
She swallow it and lick his dick to make it erect. Kyoko inserted it inside her she sat on Takeshi and moaned. Takeshi felt his huge cock inside her wet vagina.
Kyoko started her move, her breasts were bouncing and milk was flowing in the entire bar. Nanami wasn't touched by none stream of milk.

-"We have just finished to clean the bar and now it's dirty with milk. Pff!! I don't care, there is someone to do that now. I wonder if I should join them. Not this time I have an important thing to do."

Nanami made to appear a portable computer and started to checked data, she smiled.
-"Hm! Now I have to wait Tanaka san. I hope to not have a mistake I will regret."
She watched Kyoko and smiled.
-"Maybe it will be fun."

Kyoko moved faster and tits were bouncing and giving milk. Takeshi felt he was coming, he felt Kyoko's body contracted on her dick. Kyoko screamed and he cumed inside her, milk came out in a powerful jets.

They both fell asleep. Nanami made to appear a huge breast pump which sucked the milk from Kyoko breasts. Kyoko moaned during the process.

-"She made me to use my power a lot, but when I see her smiling face I have no regret."

In the same time at Narita's airport, Tanaka san was waiting someone.

-"Did you have a nice trip, Kaoru sama?"

The person Tanaka san was greeting looked like a child with pink short hair and blue eyes. The child was dressing like the American rap singer, a large white T-shirt, a large blue unbuttoned jacket, a blue Bermuda shorts, white socks and a pair of baskets shoes. The child smiled to Tanaka san.

-"It was fine Tanaka."
-"I'm glad to hear that Kaoru sama."
The child looked around.
-"Where is my sister?"
-"Nanami sama said she would have something to do, and ask to you to forgive."
-"Isn't she happy to see me."
-"She never says that."
-"Hm! I forgive her this time, but I will tolerate that the next time."
-"Hai! Kaoru sama!"
-"Soreja, Ikouka? Tanaka!"
-"Hai! Kaoru sama!"
-"Let's take my baggage!"

Who's that child? The only thing I know he is a Nanami's family member. I wonder why he comes to Tokyo. I have a bad sensation....
..Came back to Sanae and Megumi....

Sanae smiled.
-"Sanae prefer that! Do you want Sanae show Megumi chan what Sanae did with Nanami san."
Megumi reddened. --"Hai."

Sanae started to rub Megumi's pussy. Megumi moaned; Sanae and Megumi kissed ardently. The two girls fell on the floor and continued to kiss them.
Sane was on Megumi, she put her hand between Megumi's legs and made her to moan, her nipples erect, Sanae licked and stroked her right breast and then suck her left nipple.
Megumi felt her body was growing, her tits were swelling with milk, she was voluptuous. Sanae looked liked a child on her.

-"hm! Megumi chan grows so big, Sanae is jealous. Sanae wants to grow too."

As she finished her words, Sanae began to grow, her bra snapped and her panties shredded. She became taller than Megumi in a few seconds.

-"Sanae thinks it's better now."
Megumi grabbed her left breast.
-"My boobs are bigger than Sanae san."
-"Sanae doesn't worry because Megumi chan's breasts smell milk, and Sanae liked milk."

Sanae sucked Megumi's left swollen erected nipple, Megumi moaned and put her left hand between her legs and started to masturbated herself and massaged her right breast with her free hand, her chest was still expanding, Sanae was still sucking, she put her left hand between her legs and pleasured herself.

Megumi felt her milk flooded in Sanae's mouth. Sanae was sucking Megumi's milk with greediness, her belly was swelling with milk. Sanae stopped to rub her breast to hold her swelling belly, she like the sensation she had in her stomach, to be full of milk was her dream, she was in a deep pleasure.
Megumi felt Sanae's growing belly on her skin, she stopped to do what she did and started to rub it

"It's amazing Sanae san I feel your belly is growing with my milk."

Sanae stopped to rub her belly and griped Megumi's right breast and sucked it too

"Ha! Sa… Sanae san!"

Megumi was moaning stronger she sensed her milk was now gushed in Sanae's mouth she felt Sanae's belly swelled in her hands, she was rubbing it with envy.
Sanae looked like a nine months pregnant woman with twins, her tail was moving in all the direction, she didn't care to her appearance, the only thing which counted for her was to drink the most milk she could, her belly was swelling faster, Megumi felt her body was squeezed by this growing belly, she enjoyed her situation.
Megumi felt in a powerful orgasm and felt a powerful stream of milk spurted inside Sanae's mouth and made her swelled in an enormous dimension. Sanae drunk all Megumi's milk and sat on the floor and was patting her stuffing belly.

-"Sanae san!"
-"Gomen ne Megumi chan, Sanae has drunken much milk. Now Sanae's is full with milk and so round. Sanae feels so sexy." Sanae giggled and was rubbing her belly with lust in her eyes.

-"It seems you drink all my milk."
-"Sou-dane! But it's not like with Kyoko sempai, even if Sanae drinks a lot of milk Kyoko sempai is still producing milk."
-"I remember the last time we drank the most milk we could Kyoko onessan wasn't stop to produce. I wonder how she does that."
Sanae giggled -"Megumi chan can't do that because she's young."
-"I guess you're right Sanae san, but it was that you did with Nanami san after you changed."
-"No!" Sanae took her tail in her right hand and showed it to Megumi. "Sanae played with her tail with Nanami boss."
Megumi felt to be embarrassed and asked --"Sanae san, you?"
Sanae smiled and nodded with her head to answer.
-"Daijobu! Sanae won't use it on Megumi chan because Megumi is still virgin."
-"Sa… Sanae san!!!"
Sanae giggled and drew aside her legs and showed her wet pussy to Megumi.
-"Now! It's Megumi chan's turn to make Sanae horny."

Megumi moved in Sanae direction in catwalk position, when she arrived in front of Sanae's wet pussy, she put her hands on her legs and started to lick it. Sanae closed her eyes and moaned, she rubbed her right breast and massaged her belly with her left hand. Her nipples erected, her tail was moving faster and stronger.
Sanae felt Megumi's tongue inside her, made her hornier.
Megumi in her side was drinking the love juice from Sanae's vagina, with her left hand she started to massage her wet vagina, her glasses were soaked by Sanae's love juice.

Sanae was in ecstasy, she was moaning stronger, she pinched her right nipple and rubbed her swollen belly strongly. Megumi felt her body to convulse.

Sanae screamed and had a strong orgasm, she cummed on Megumi face, her glasses were completely bathed. Milk streamed from Sanae's nipples, her belly shrunk and back to normal.

-"When you have an orgasm, you can shrink back your belly to normal, Sanae san!"
Sanae patted her flat belly and smiled.-"Sanae presume Megumi chan is right."
Sanae stood up

-"Sanae thinks it would be better to take a bath before to continue tape measure, Megumi chan." ^__^
-"I share your opinion Sanae san." ^__^

Sanae helped Megumi to stand on her feet, they go to the bathroom and take a long bathe....

In same time....

...Kyoko had left the shower and was putting her clothes, she was just wearing her milky cow fur colour bra and panties and a towel on her shoulder.

-"I didn't know there is a shower here."
Nanami smiled and said -"I think it will be useful."
Kyoko answered with a smile, she closed her left eye and showed her right inch **
-"It's a great idea, Nanami!"
-"And me can I take a shower? ‘Sniff'" T__T It was the poor Takeshi kun he had just been engaged, he already cleaned the floor. His face was in tears.

The two women watched him with a wicked smile and said together.
-"Clean that you did first! It's your fault if the bar is dirty! "
-"What!? It wasn't my fault!"

Kyoko moved in his direction, her tits were bouncing every step she did. She stopped front of him. Takeshi raised his head, he was watching Kyoko's face through her cleavage. She gave him a threatening glance.

-"You mean it was my fault!"
Takeshi felt oppressed
-"N… No."
-"In that case! ^__^ you have no objection to clean the bar, right."

Kyoko smiled to him and back to dress her.
Takeshi said nothing and cried T__T, he continued to wash. Poor guy it was the beginning of a long and painful life.

Nanami giggled "I guess you're too harsh with him Kyoko, he wasn't completely wrong you know. ^__^"
Kyoko grinned to Nanami "It won't be gentle from him to make me wash. ^__^"
-"You exploit him Kyoko."
-"Sou! He makes it because he doesn't want I hurt my cute fingers. Right Takeshi kun? ^__^"
-"Huh?! Hai! Hai! ^__^T Kyoko sama!"
-"You're so nice!" ^__^
She turned to look at Nanami.
-"You see!" ^__^ -"I guess you're right." ^__^ "I don't believe it she was against first and now she treats him like her slave. It's frightened!" Nanami thought to herself.

-"Where does Tanaka san go this morning?"
Nanami suddenly remembered something.
-"Kyoko! We must come back to home now!"
-"I will explain you but we must to hurry! Takeshi kun! -"Hai!"
-"Is there an objection you stay here?"
-"No, Nanami!"
-"You're nice. ^__^"

Nanami and Kyoko who had finished dressing her went away and left the poor Takeshi T__T inside the bar.

In the same time at Nanami's home, Megumi stare at her in a mirror, she was dressing in her waitress outfit and she was very happy, she had grew to 205cm tall.
Sanae giggled -"Sanae is very happy you like it. ^__^"
-"Arigato Sanae san. ^__^"
There were both giggling when they heard the door opened.
-"I wonder who is?"
-"Sanae thinks it's maybe Tanaka san. Megumi chan let's show him how cute Megumi chan is. ^__^"
Megumi hesitated --"I…I don't think it's a good idea."
"Daijobu! Many people will see Megumi chan in this clothe anyway."
-"I'm too embarrassed!"
Sanae took her hand. "Come on! Megumi chan must fight your timidity! ^__^ "
-"Sa… Sanae san! I'm too scared!"
-"Daijobu! The point of view of a man it's important to woman if she wants to be seductive."
Megumi followed Sanae and moved to meet Tanaka san.

-"Okarinasai Tanaka san! Huh?"
-"Tadaima Kaerimashita, Sanae san. I see you made Megumi san's clothes. They suit you well Megumi chan."
-"Ar…Arigato Gozaimasu, Tanaka san!" said Megumi with an embarrassed face.

The child who was with Tanaka spoke. ?"I guess you are Megumi, right?"
-"Tanaka san Sanae wants to know who's that chid?"
-"Oh! Sumi masen! I forgot to introduce you. This child is Kaoru sama."
The child greeted them -"Nice to meet you girls. ^__^"
Sanae and Megumi greeted the child -"The same for us! Kaoru kun."
When she heard that the child burst to laugh and made Sanae angry.
-"Why Kaoru kun is laughing?"
-"Gomen nasai Sanae chan! It isn't your fault, people always think I'm a child. I see my younger sister don't tell you about me. ^__^ "
-"Younger sister! You mean!"
-"Hai! Megumi chan I'm older than Nanami. ^__^"
The child face became darker.
-"And next I'm…"


Everyone turned where the voice came from.

-"You're late Nanami!"
-"Gomen nasai."
-"Shikata-nai... Tanaka san has already asked me to forgive you."
-"We have just arrived Nanami sama."

Kaoru giggled --"I have just met this to girl, they are very nice. I think the milky cow behind you is Kyoko, right."

Nanami wasn't able to say something and watched Kaoru with shocked. Kaoru's words made Kyoko angry.
-"What have you said, little boy?!"
Kaoru smiled --"I have said you are a milky cow."
Kyoko was very angry --"You cross the line!"
Nanami tried to stop her --"Yamete! Kyoko!"

Kaoru made a wicked smile, suddenly Kyoko felt her chest grew and burst her bra. They were too heavier for her and made her fell on the floor, milk was flowing from her nipples.

-"Tanaka san! Hurry!"
-"Hai! Nanami sama!"
Two suction cups appeared on Kyoko's nipples and started to suck her milk, Kyoko was moaning.
-"Arigato Tanaka san!"
-"It was nothing Nanami sama!"
-"I see you always do things so fast Tanaka san!" -"There has no need to act like you do, Kaoru!"
Kaoru answered with a smile --"I want just to show the milky cow who's the boss here."
-"Damn you! Little brat!"

Kyoko felt Kaoru's left foot on her right breast, she moaned. Nanami was watching the scene with angry. Everybody was powerless, Kaoru grabbed Kyoko by her hair, she screamed. Kaoru said with an authoritative voice.

-"Listen to me! Milky cow as I was going to say previously my name is Kaoru in spite of I look a little boy. I'm a girl!!"

Everyone was surprised by that Kaoru had just said, she showed Nanami with her finger.
-"And this girl is my younger sister! You understand! Milky cow!"

Everybody looked the scene with amazement and fear except Nanami who was watching her older sister with anger in her eyes --"You will pay for that Kaoru!" She said in her mind.

...I have a bad feeling.

To be continued...

In the next story:

Now we knew who were Kaoru and the power she had.

What will happen to Kyoko?
What is Nanami going to do?
Is the growing bar will open?
Does someone think to free Takeshi kun?

You will know the answer on the next chapter: The Dark Room.
Prepare yourself to see a powerful fight.

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