Growing Bar   By Gwadahunter2222 

 Chapter-02 : The choice of Kyoko

Warning: This story contains adult terms; don't read if you haven't the legal age.
This is a fictional story all resemblance with certain people or real fact it's a purely coincidence.

Sunday morning in Kyoko's apartment, Kyoko awoke she was in full form.

-"I made a strange dream this night; I dreamt I grew bustier and taller.
This was after a busty giantess with pink hair invited to take a milkshake which was the best milkshake I had drunken in my life.
It made me to grow bustier and taller;
my clothes were ripped during the process;
I was so horny when I had orgasm milks gushed out my nipples in powerful jet
and I finally made love with the pink-haired girl who were growing in the time than me, all the night.

It felt like so real when I think about that I'm getting so wet. Now the highest is to have a good breakfast."

Kyoko got out from her bed; she dressed with a long shirt and went to the kitchen.
-"I will put the clothes I wore yesterday in the laundry basket before I forget to clean them in the automatic laundry.
....It's strange! They are no tears on them! Why I'm astonished there are no tears on them?
My poor Kyoko you become crazy!"

She threw her clothes in her laundry basket, she opened the fridge something to eat.
She took a frozen meal and put it in the microwave oven. In order to wait she take a glass of milk,
she sat in her armchair and watched some TV.

When she drunk the milk she was remembering about her dream,
her gorgeous body the feelings when she grew out her clothes. The intense pleasure she felt.

"Huuuummmm! It was the same feeling. I wonder if it was really a dream."

The bell of the microwave rang "Let's eat!"

She went to the kitchen and came back to sit in the armchair with her heated dish,
she ate it and still watched TV.

In Sapporo, the Kyoko's hometown she used to cook for her and her family, she enjoyed cooking
but since she came to work in Tokyo, she has no time to cook,
she buy frozen meal and other food in convini or took her dinner in Oden.

Kyoko's dream was to be a famous cook head, she did cooking study at university
and came to Tokyo to open a restaurant but she was unlucky, she finished to job as an office lady in a big company.

She worked hard all the week and spent her Saturday night to go in the different bar in Shinjuku.

The Sunday she stayed at home and watched TV "Huh! What pitiful life I have. Let's take a bath!"

She took the direction to the bathroom.
She turned on the shower; Kyoko closed eyes and stayed under to feel the water shower on her skin.
Kyoko enjoy feeling the water slide on her body and thinking about pleasant things.
Strangely, she was thinking about her dream, the image of her growing body was coming in her mind made her hot,
she started rub her clit, she was remembering all the feeling she had during her wet dream, her bursting bra,
the ripping of her breast the vision of her gorgeous body, the powerful gushing stream of milk.

All this feeling was clear in her mind when she had an orgasm she cleaned herself and sat down on the bathtub...

"Was it a dream? It seems so real how can it be? And why I'm so horny?
It was certainly a powerful erotic dream, but it doesn't explain why I was with a girl? It's a kinda strange."

She rose from the bathtub and wiped off herself with a towel. She left the bathroom and went to her bedroom to dress her.
She put on her a grey panty with blue bands and a large white T-shirt which it was written "Drink Milk".

She went to the kitchen and took a glass and bottle of milk from her fridge; she sat down in her armchair and watched TV.
She spent all her time to drink milk and to watch TV until night. Kyoko emptied two milk bottles.

-"Wow! I didn't use to drink so much milk. How can this happen?"

Kyoko had just finished her sentence, she felt strange.
"These Feelings...I remember now... it...wasn't... a...dr...Dream...Aaaaaa!!!!"

Kyoko started to moan, she felt her nipples erected, her breasts were swelling under her T-shirt,
her panties was wet and were ripping by her ass. Her armchair was too tight,
she stood up her large shirt was becoming to fit her as she wore a normal T-shirt.

Kyoko started to rub her clit and watched her body to change, her panties was torn with a large rip noise;
her T-shirt became too tight, her growing nipples pushed against the fabric.

The destruction of her clothes during she was growing made her hornier, she began to enjoy the feeling she got.
She felt gorgeous and powerful, she liked it.

Her T-shirt reached its limits and burst, here breasts were free, and were still swelling.
Kyoko felt her breasts filled with milk, her nipples were in pain, the increased feeling in her nipples made Kyoko hornier.

She was in ecstasy.
-"Ooooohhhhh!!! I'm Cumming! I'm Cumming! Iiiiiiiiii... Cum... AAAAAAAAAAA"

Kyoko had a powerful orgasm the milk flow out her nipples in a powerful stream which made Kyoko to loose her balance and to fall in her armchair.

Kyoko was too big for her armchair, she took her breath and stood up and touched her ceiling with her hand,

"I'm lucky, I don't grow too big. I wonder if the neighbours heard me. Hum I don't care. Let's see this new body first!"

Kyoko went to her bathroom her looked at her in a glass "Not bad. Finally it wasn't a dream after all. Huh?
Wait it mean with this girl I?"

After she said that Kyoko felt her pussy to become wet. The memory of what she did made her horny.

"I'm so hot! Aaaaaa!!" Kyoko sit down under her shower,
she grabbed her two swollen breast and sucked her huge nipples, and she was drinking her milk passionately.

"Hum! Taste good!" She stopped to suck and rubbed her breast, she was moaning of pleasure.
She played with her erected nipples, and made her breast fill with milk.
"Full So fast!!" She started to rub vigorously "Aaaaaaaa!!! I'm coming!! I ヤm... Com... AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!"

Kyoko shouted a powerful scream, a powerful mof milk gushed out her nipples.

"I have an orgasm with my breast. It's wonderful!"

Kyoko was standing up when she felt her head hit the ceiling.
-"I grow a bit taller; it will be hard to move now."

Kyoko succeed to take a shower, the feeling of the water on her swollen nipples made them to erect
-"My nipples are very sensitive."

She used the biggest towel she had, and went her bedroom in a catwalk position.
When she finally reached her bed she lied down on the back, it was a huge bed but her new size made to feel uncomfortable

-"I look like Alice when she grows in the rabbit's house."
Kyoko thought about what happened to her and she was going to do.
She remembered the discussion she had with Nanami after her passionate relationship.

-"Why don't you work here with me?
-"I have already work you know?"
-"And why do you leave it to work here? It would be great if you worked with me?"
-"Why do you ask me to work with you?"
-"I don't want to force you Kyoko, I have just arrived and you are the first person I have met since I came here."
-"Why you don't pass an advertisement in the newspaper?"
-"I do that but no one comes, I want to work with nice people I like and I like you so much Kyoko."

Nanami closed her eyes put her on head on Kyoko's shoulder.

-"Eh! What are you doing?"
-"You smell good Kyoko, and you look so strong with your help I could open my bar."

Kyoko was embarrassed by Nanami's words, she knew her feelings, she was like her when she arrived in Tokyo,
the memory of her dream to open a restaurant came back to her mind, she understood why Nanami asked her that.

-"Can you give me some times Nanami?"
-"Huh" Nanami rose her head and opened her eyes.
-"I need times before I answer you."
-"I understand. I will wait until Saturday."

-"Now I remember everything it wasn't a dream, but now I need some sleep."
Kyoko slept in her bed, during the night she dreamt about and what she did with Nanami.

Monday Kyoko's alarm clock rang, when she awake she was surprised to see she had shrunk back to her normal size.

-"It seems I can shrink back, I'm glad I will have problem to dress me."

She got up and went to the kitchen-"How can it be?"

The clothes she wore when she grew had nothing and were spread out over the ground.

-"It seems my clothes repair themselves after I rip them. I don't to be worried about the clothes I destroy. Cool!
I'd better to hurry if I don't want to be late to work."

Kyoko prepared herself quickly and went to work. She was walking quickly when she passed next to a high-school girl,
she had a strange feeling. She turned back and saw that the girl was watching her.

She looked like the other girl who goes to college; she seemed to have nothing special,
she wore an ordinary college uniform and carried her portfolio in her hands.
She was slim, and had a pretty face.

She was wearing glasses and with her nice green eyes she was watching Kyoko.
Her long brown hair was caped in two long braids that were pending on her shoulders.

She and Kyoko were looking at each other deeper without to say a word.
They seem to be attracted by a strange link, their bodies was entering in resonance.

"It's strange why am I attracted by this girl?" Thought Kyoko.


The girl's scream broke the strange environment.

-"I will be late." That was she shouted when she watched what hour it was, she left while running.
Kyoko watched the hour "Damn! I will be late."

She walked quickly and arrived to her work in time. "It was close!"

-"Ohayo Gozaimasu, Kyoko sempai!!!"
This friendly voice came from behind; Kyoko turned back and saw who it was.

-"Ohayou, Sanae chan."

Sanae was a colleague of Kyoko, a pretty young woman with brown eyes long red hair she attached them when she went to work;
she had just finished her designer studies at a fashion university.

After her study she didn't find a work, she started to work in the same company as Kyoko two month ago.
Kyoko helped her when she started to work, she was so nice with her they became friend and as Kyoko.
Kyoko was older than her in the company she called her sempai, In clear she was Kyoko's "Kohai" and the only friend she had.

-"Kyoko sempai a bit more and you were late."
-"Fortunately you were here! Sanae chan."
-"I don't want Kyoko sempai to be fired!"
-"Arigato, Sanae chan we lunch together ok?"
-"Really! I'm very happy."
-"We meet at the lunch time."

Kyoko left Sanae and went to her office and started to work until the lunch time.

She met Sanae and went to lunch. During the lunch, Kyoko had the same strange feeling,
she felt previously the college student girl. It seemed it was Sanae this time.

"It's absurd why I have this feeling with Sanae? What does it mean?"
She thought to herself. After she finished her lunch, she left Sanae and backed to work.
"It seems the feeling stop. I wonder what happen to me. I will think about that when I backed to home. Now! It's time to work!"

Kyoko worked all the afternoon and finished her job late in the night. When she backed home she was tired.

"It was a strange day today, I felt to attract by a high-school girl and by my kohai.
I wonder it had a link with my new condition. Nanami didn't tell me everything,
I must speak with her. But now I need some sleep."

Kyoko took of her shoe and went to her bedroom and dropped in her bed.
She put herself on the back and thought about her ability to grow.

"I wonder how I do that. Maybe I have a mind-control on hit."

Kyoko smiled "let's try!"

Kyoko closed her eyes and concentrated her, she thought about her previous growth, felt her body growing, her clothes ripped, the horny feeling.

Suddenly Kyoko opened her eyes and smiled "It started".

Kyoko felt her nipples to erect and her clothes became too tight.
The buttons of her clothes popped, her skirt started to rip.

"Yes!! I feel it! I'm growing!"

She put her in a sitting position, she watched with lust all her buttons popped and revealed her bra, she felt her clothes tore behind her and her increasing weight on her bed.

Her bra stretched to its limit before to burst. The feeling of her nipples pushing against the fabric made her wet.
Her were swelling with milk. Her clothe were completely ripped.

Her growth made her to rectify herself and to take support on the wall, she drew aside her legs,
she put her feet on each side of her bed, her head it the ceiling.

"Everything around me is shrinking! No! It's me! I'm... I'm... Grooowww...!!!!!"

Kyoko burst of pleasure, milk flowed from her nipples.

"Oh! It feels so great! It seems I can grow anymore If don't want to destroy my apartment.
What can I do now? Hmmm... I know!"

Kyoko concentrated her chest "It's starting!!"

Kyoko's breasts filling with milk and grow to an incredible rate, they grew so big and so fast.
Kyoko was in ecstasy. Her swelling tits were full of milk and had grown so heavier they made her to fall on the bed. The bed make a cracked noise.

-"It seems I'm too heavy for my bed".

She grabbed her huge nipples and pinched them "I'm ready to fire!"
She unleashed the pressure of her fingers on her nipples.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!" with powerful shot milk gushed from her nipples and sprinkled the wall in front of her.

All these horny feelings made Kyoko to fall asleep on her breasts which were still flowing with milk.
At this rate her apartment would flood with milk, but someone had put to suction cups of her nipples.

"Gomen nasai...Kyoko san, but if do nothing at this rate you will flood all the building and I don't like to see wasting milk."

It was Nanami; she appeared with a huge breast pump.
She turned it on, the machine worked immediately, milk gushed violently.
Kyoko moaned during her sleep.

"hmm! You enjoy to be milked like a cow. It's something I won't forget! Have a good."
Nanami smiled and disappeared in the darkness.

Tuesday, Kyoko awoke early, she was surprised she was still wearing her clothe.

"It seem there is a way to dress after you have grown. It sounds cool! I'm going to take a bath."

Kyoko went to her bathroom, prepared to go to work.

She left her apartment early, she didn't see the girl she met the last time.
She arrived early at her work.

"Hi, Sanae chan."
-"Kyoko senpai You came early today."
-"I slept well."
-"Good! I'm happy!"
-"We lunch together."

Kyoko left and went to work.

"I wonder why I have this feeling when I'm with Sanae."

Kyoko still acted strange. Kyoko was bored at work, she thought she wasted her time.

"My life is so monotone, nothing happen."

Kyoko thought about Nanami's proposition.
"It would be fun to work in this kind of place, but I don't want to leave Sanae alone."

You're so nice Kyoko.
-"Huh! The narrator I wonder when you will speak with me."
Nothing happen today, I decide to chat with you.
-"It's nice!" Thanks.
-"Do you think I must accept Nanami's proposition?"
I don't know.
-"I believed you knew everything."
I know what the writer let me know and my job is to follow you and to tell what you are doing.
It is your choice Kyoko. Today is Tuesday and you must answer Saturday you are all your time.

-"You're right. Thanks!"
It's nothing now I'm going to begin again my job.

After she discussed with me, Kyoko came back on her Job.

Later, she lunched with Sanae, The feeling became powerful, Kyoko tried to ignore her but it was difficult.

-"Kyoko senpai... "
-"What is it Sanae chan?"
-"Err... Yesterday Sanae met someone who proposed me to work as a designer."
-"It's great news!"
-"I don't want to leave Kyoko senpai"
Kyoko giggled -"It's Ok Sanae chan! I will be fine."
-"But I...."
-"Is it your dream to work as a designer?"
-"Yes.. but..."
-"Don't worry! I'm happy you fulfil your dream."
Sanae smiled -"Hai, Kyoko senpai"
-"When do you meet her in order to give her about answer?"
-"Tonight, senpai"

Kyoko put her hands on her shoulder
-"I will happy if you become a designer. Maybe you will make me clothes one day."
Sanae cried a little and smiled -" Hai Kyoko senpai... "

Kyoko answered with a smiled of happiness.

The two women finished their lunch and backed to work.

When they met after work.

-"Gambate Sanae chan!"
-"Hai, Kyoko senpai. I will meet you tomorrow and will tell what it was."
-"Ok! Sayonara and good luck."
-"Sayonora Kyoko senpai"

The two women left and took two different paths.
Kyoko came backed to her apartment she didn't grow; she cleaned her bedroom, had a diner, took a bath and went to sleep.

She woke up early, she took her breakfast and prepared herself to go to work.
She walked as fast as she could. When she arrived she stopped suddenly, she was hit by the strange feelings she had had the other times.
-"It's stronger this time."

-"Kyoko senpai !!"
-"Sanae chan, how was it yesterday?"
-"It was great! I will begin tomorrow."
-"It's glad!"
-"I leave the work today."
-"It's a great news! I invite pay you the dinner tonight!"
-"Arigato senpai"
-"We will see at the lunch time."

Kyoko worked normally, she met Sanae at lunch. The feelings became stronger she tried to act normally with difficulty.

-"I'm so happy senpai"
-"I can imagine, you have the opportunity to fulfil your dream."
After she said Kyoko was thinking of her dream.
-"Daijobu desuka, senpai?"
-"Don't worry about me I'm strong-minded you know."

Even that Kyoko said Sanae worried, she didn't want to leave the only person who had taken so care of her since she arrived at the company.

-"We'd better hurry if we don't want to be late even if it's your last day this isn't a reason to be late Sanae chan."
-"Hai senpai"

The two women hurried to eat and to back to work.

-"We meet after work. Ok?"
-"Hai senpai"

Kyoko took the direction of her office, she sigh...
-"It seems o will be alone again at work, It would be egoist if I asked her to stay here, I'm happy for her."

Suddenly Kyoko felt strange -"No... Not here!"

Kyoko ran to the lady's toilet, she was lucky there was no one, she closed the door behind her.

"Why is it happening here? I don't want to grow here! NO!!"
The buttons popped.
"No!" Her clothes became tight.
"No, not here. I don't want it now!"
..when she shouted that her growth stopped...

Kyoko was surprised "Why It stops?"
Kyoko watched her in the mirror "Ah??"

Kyoko grew a bit taller and bustier she was now to 165cm height and to D-cup size bra.

"How? I seem not too tall, I can try to work and to act as nothing to happen."

Kyoko backed to work and was surprised there is on one asked her nothing.

"I'm lucky, nobody seem to notice I have grown. Pff, nobody takes care about me here.
I will be alone when Sanae chan leaves the company. Maybe I should do the same thing."
Kyoko thought of Nanami and her proposition.

-"She clearly says she need my help." Kyoko took a deep breath.
-"Ok, My decision is made!"

Kyoko typed her letter of resignation and brought it to her boss. He was a very understanding old man.

-"Is really that you want."
-"Hai! I think of it a long time before."
-"Ok, I have no objection. I accept your resignation."
Kyoko greeted her boss -"Arigato."
-"I understand your feeling. Good luck in your new life."
Kyoko smiled and greeted her boss -"Arigatou Gozaimasu."
Her boss smiled -"No need to thank me. Back to your office and take your business, Kyoko san."
-"Hai, arigato gozaimasu!"

Kyoko left her boss and back to her office.

She cleaned it and met Sanae chan who was waiting for her with her box to dinner. She was surprised to see Kyoko with a box too.

-"Kyoko senpai You resign too!"
-"It seems Sanae chan."
-"But why?"
-"I will explain you on the path. Let's go to dinner!"

While they were walking, Kyoko explained the situation to Sanae.

-"Someone proposed me to work with her in a bar, Saturday."
-"Why you don't say that to me? Kyoko senpai, don't trust in me?"
-"No! I trust in you Sanae. At the beginning I thought to refuse."
-"Why senpai?"
-"I didn't want to leave you alone, but I'm happy now because you find your happiness."
Sanae was beginning to cry of emotion -"Sen ...'sigh'...pai"
-"Don't worry it will be fine to me."

The expression of happiness on Kyoko face made Sanae stopped to cry and made her to smile.

-"Sanae has the feeling you have grow since you ate your lunch with me."
-"You think!"
-"I know what I say because I'm taller than Kyoko senpai My height is 170 cm and 77.5 cm B-cup size bra."
-"Wow! I don't know that."
-"Please, senpai... I don't finish."
-"Sorry, Please continue."
-"Arigato, Kyoko senpai was 155cm and 85cm C-cup size bra."
-"Huh! You know that too!"
-"I know everything about Kyoko senpai's body."
-"It's scared."
-"Daijobu desu, senpai... If I want to make clothe to Kyokosenpai I must exactly know Kyoko senpai 's sizes."
-"You may right."
-"As Sanae chan says Kyoko senpaihas grown since she ate with Sanae chan, because Kyoko senpaiis now 165 cm and87,5 cm D-cup size bra."
-"But Sanae chanヤs new boss is taller has bigger breast than Kyoko senpai"
-"She is very tall 225 cm and her top size is 132.5 cm D-cup."
-"What!! ..Does she have long pink hair?"
-"Do you know her, Kyoko senpai...Wait! She said me there would be someone who would work with her. Is it you Kyoko senpai Do you drink her milkshake?"
-"Eee-to... AAAAAhhh!"

Suddenly, the two women's body felt strange.
-"This feeling!"
-"Kyoko senpai, do you have this feeling too?!"
-"Sanae chan you too."

-"What a coincidence, I don't think you know each other."
The voice came from behind them.

-"This voice."

Kyoko and Sanae turned back and saw who was talking.
It was Nanami, she was wearing a skintight black leather trousers and a skintight black leather jacket, she unzipped it a bit to reveal her huge chest.

-"Do you make your choice."
-"Sanae, this is the person I talked to you. I don't think you know her."
-"What are doing her Nanami?"
-"Don't be so harsh with me, I have just saved this girl."

Nanami showed who was behind her. It was the girl Kyoko met Monday she seemed to have change except her school uniform was torn. There was no expression in her face.

-"You! What did happen to you?"
-"You know her too?"
-"Not really, but why she is with you?"
-"I have just saved her from a group of boys who tried to rape her."
-"I'm sorry."
-"Daijobu, it's nothing. Don't worry about me!"
-"Baka!! How can you say something like that, did you realise what happened to you?"
-"I don't care about what it can happen to me."

The word she pronounced made Kyoko angry.


Kyoko slapped the girl in the face, she fell on the ground.

-"Stop Kyoko sempai "
-"Sorry, but I have to do that. Hey girl, you speak like an old friend of mine before she commits a suicide."
-"Kyoko senpai, I didn't know that. Sorry."
-"Daijobu Sanae chan. sorry girl I didn't want to hit you but you are young, don't waste your life."

The girl was crying ....

-"You are the first who hits me, (sigh) nobody (sigh) wants me even my parents (sigh), I'm alone."
Kyoko took her in her arms.

-"I know what you feel, but it not reason to act like that. Ok?"
-"What's your name?"
-"Well Megumi, I'm Kyoko and the girl with the red hair is Sanae and if you want we can become your friend. Ok?"
The Kyoko's words made Megumi to smile, Kyoko helped her to stand up.
Nanami took Kyoko's box.
-"My home is next to here, it would be better to continue this discussion in private. Let's go!"
-"You right."
-"I do agree."
-"What do you think Megumi?"
-"We don't want to force you, you are free to accept or to refuse."
-"I think I will come with Kyoko onessan."
-"Ok! Let's go to your home Nanami."
-"Ok! Follow me girls."

The girls followed Nanami and arrived before a huge door.

-"Welcome to my home."
-"You live here Nanami!" asked Kyoko -"Hai."
Nanami open the door -"Tadaima!"

The place was huge and little dark, it was perfect to someone with the same size as Nanami.

They entered, Nanami closed the door behind them.

-"Okaeri-nasai. Nanami sama"

-"Kyaahh!!!" The three girls screamed after they heard the voice. It was a man voice.
-"Show yourself Tanaka san."
-"Yes Ma'am"

The girls saw a cute young man leave the shade, he was tall 195cm and muscular, his black hair was short and well-cut. He was wearing majordomo clothes.

-"Forgive me if I'm scared you miss. It wasn't my intention. Let me introduce me, my name is Tanaka and I serve Nanami sama."

The man greeted the girls, Kyoko spoke -"Nice to meet you."
-"You must be Kyoko sama."
-"Goshujin sama told me about you and asked me to transfer your goods here."
-"There was no other way, if you continued like that you would destroy your building." Said Nanami.
-"don't worry! You will have to leave your apartment anyway."
-"But how you do that?"
-"Don't care about it."
-"I agree with Nanami sama, there is something more important. Kyoko sama."
-"You didn't grow yesterday, did you?"
-"How do you know."
-"Don't care about the details and follow me, please."
-"What does it mean Nanami?"
-"Follow and you will understand."

Kyoko put of her shoes followed Tanaka san in this huge place, and arrived front of a wall.

-"Please, sit down."
Kyoko obeyed and sat on the floor, she was following by Nanami, Sanae and Megumi.

Nanami spoke to her.
-"Listen to me Kyoko! If you wan to keep the control of your growth, you must grow one time per day."
-"What happen if I don't do that?"
-"See by yourself."

As Nanami finished her word Kyoko felt her body grew, the rest of buttons of her clothes popped,
her growth was faster than the other times. Her clothes ripped in few seconds...

-"Aaaaaahhh!!! I'm so hot!!" Nanami and Sanae were watching her growth with happiness except Megumi who was shocked.

-"What's Happening to Kyoko onessan."
Nanami and Sanae and said with a cat smile "Don't worry she's fine!"
-"Trust us!"

Megumi kept the silence and watched the show, it seemed to feel embarrassed by that she saw, she was getting wet. Nanami and Sanae noticed it.

Kyoko grew to an incredible rate her breasts were growing so big and so fast, they were touching the floor and were still growing.
Kyoko was felt them to fill with milk, erected nipples were huge.

-"It seems she reaches 7m."
-"Are you sure, Tanaka san?"
-"Hai, Nanami sama."
-"The size of her chest."
-"Kyoko senpaiis growing so big! a...I...I am so horny...! ..I want to grow too!"
-"You can!"
-"Arigato boss, Sanae is happy, I wish now going become as tall as Kyoko senpai"

Sanae untied her hair and started to grow top, the buttons of her Jacket popped. She was enjoying the process like a child "Sanae, likes to grow big."

Her bra snapped, her skirt ripped her growth look similar to Kyoko but there something different.
Her ears was becoming white cat's ears and a white cat's tail grew,

-"Sanae san...she like to be a cat."
Megumi didn't believe what she saw, Sanae was becoming a giant busty cat girl.

-"Wait a moment you will be the next."

Megumi was shocked by Nanami's word-"I will become like them."
Megumi was feeling more excited, she tried to hide it but Nanami had already seen it, she was smiling.

-"Sa...Sanae chan you... "

Sanae reached Kyoko's size and grew taller her breasts were huge but less than Kyoko.

-"750cm and 380cm for the chest."
-"You are the best Tanaka san."
-"It's my duty to know the size of growing ladies Nanami sama."

The smell of milk made Sanae hornier, she grabbed one of Kyoko swollen nipples and licked it with lust, the feeling of Sanae tongue on her nipple made her wet.

-"Sa... Sanae... please... I'm... co... com... iiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnggggg.!!!!"

Kyoko felt she burst in a powerful orgasm. Milk was gushing out her breast, Sanae was getting wet with milk she suck Kyoko nipples she was drinking like a baby.
Kyoko moaned with pleasure, she started to masturbate her.

Megumi didn't say anything she looking the scene with desire, she wanted to join them but she hesitated.

-"Why don't you join to them?" Megumi watched Nanami.
-"What are you hesitating? Go!"
-"In that case let me help you!" Nanami lifted Megumi to Kyoko's other milking nipples.

-"Now drink!"

Megumi was controlled by Nanami she obeyed, and started to drink the milk. "It tastes good, isn't it?"

Megumi felt her body in melt, she started to moaned. She felt her chest to grow her bra snap, her ass ripped her wet panties, her glasses became too tight on her nose. She was still drinking,

Nanami felt her weight to increase her uniform became tight, her white socks tore, her uniform started to rip from behind.

Her foot touched the floor stopped to raise her and moved back to see her growth, her growth didn't affect her braids, there seemed to grow with her.

-"How tall is she Tanaka san?"
-"Her chest?"
-"Hmm she grows bustier like Kyoko."
-"We need of a new breast pump"
-"Let her finish her grow first."
-"Hai, Nanami sama."

Megumi continued her growth she was bit smaller than Kyoko 650cm but Megumi was bustier than Sanae 390cm her glass didn't break but were too small for her.

While they were drinking, the two girls where rubbing their sex with one hand and grabbed with the other the nipple they were sucking.
Their bellies were swelling with milk.

Kyoko was so horny, she licked her lips and moaned.

She, reached an other powerful orgasm, Sanae and Megumi too, milk flowed out from their breasts and fell on the ground their bellies were stuffed with milk.

They fell asleep quickly, but Kyoko was still awaking.

Her huge tits were still giving milk and her body was hot. Her sexual appetite increased she wanted more.

-"You want more Kyoko."
-"mmmm... I am so horny! ...fuuu...I..K..Kyoko wants to play with Nanami!"
-"Hmm! You speak like Sanae chan."
-"Kyoko wants Nanami sucks Kyoko's nipples. Kyoko wants Nanami drink Kyoko's milk...
Kyoko wants Nanami does the same thing she did to Kyoko Saturday."
-"You want it."
-"Hai, Kyoko can't wait anymore! Kyoko wants to feel Nanami's body on Kyoko's body."
-"Do you fulfil to her request Nanami sama."
-"Please, Kyoko begs Nanami. Kyoko's body needs Nanami's body! Please! Hurry!"

Nanami smiled -"You want my body?!"
-"Hai! Kyoko is horny when she thinks Nanami's body on her."
-"You have a strong influence on her, Nanami sama."
-"You right, Tanaka san."
-"Prepare yourself Kyoko. The great Nanami is coming!"

Nanami began to grow she ripped her black skintight leather trousers.
Her growing breast pushed against her black skintight leather jacket, and made unzipped and revealed her sexy black bra.
Her nipples were erected. Her black string snapped her trousers stretched. She was growing quickly, her bra burst, her jacket ripped.

Kyoko was happy, Nanami's growth made her to feel hotter, she wanted Nanami.
Her breasts grew with anticipation, they were filling fast and became bigger, they were pushing away Sanae and Megumi.
Here nipples were huge and as hard as rock.

Nanami ripped her clothes, she was taller and bustier than Sanae 800cm and 495cm.
Nanami grabbed one of Kyoko erected nipples with her two hands and started to lick them, Kyoko moaned.

-"You like it Kyoko. Hmm let's try something funnier."
Nanami climbed on Kyoko's swollen breast.
-"Wow, your tits are so huge Kyoko and your nipple is so big and hard."

Nanami grabbed the nipple with one hand and with the other she drew aside her wet pussy's lips she guided the huge nipples in side her.
The two women moaned with pleasure. Kyoko was felling Nanami wet vagina on her nipple. Nanami enjoyed her tit-fucked, she was moving faster and deeper, Kyoko milk was going inside her.
The two girls were in a deep ecstasy feeling. Kyoko felt Nanami's body convulsed, she felt she was coming too.

The two exploded in a powerful orgasm-"AAAAaaahhhh!!!"

Milk gushed from Nanami's nipples, she removed her pussy, milk ran out of her vagina,
she was still on Kyoko's breast, she was moving in a catwalk position, her tits were still giving.

She reached Kyoko's head, the two women kissed them passionately,
Nanami slipped between the two huge milking mammary and started to rub Kyoko wet pussy.
She licked with her tongue Kyoko's body and went down to her erected clitoris and licked it.

Kyoko moaned she put her hands on Nanami's head. Nanami was eating Kyoko's wet pussy, Kyoko felt Nanami's tongue inside her, Kyoko moaned strongly, with one of her hand Nanami rubbed her pussy.
Kyoko felt her breasts filled with milk, Nanami's tongue was deeper. She came in orgasm and wet Nanami with her juice.

-"Do you want?"
-"u..Un... Kyoko is so hungry."
-"Pfff! I think I need help. Tanaka san!"
-"Could you... Oh! You have already prepared yourself."
-"I know Nanami sama will call me for to help her."

While they were making love, Tanaka changed him. He was naked and his dick was erected. When she saw him naked, Kyoko became excited.

-"Kyoko want his cock!"
-"It seems she likes you Tanaka san."
-"I'm happy Kyoko sama likes it."
-"Come here!"
-"Hai Nanami sama."

Nanami easily lifted Tanaka san in one hand. She grabed him as though he is a little GI doll comparing with her humogonous body.
She licked with her tongue his huge erected dick.
In a few second, his cock became huge.

-"Kyo...Kyoko wants it! Kyoko wants his dick inside her."

-"Ok, you will have it."
-"Kyoko is so happy!"

Kyoko drew aside her legs, Nanami grabbed Tanaka san by his dick, Kyoko with her hands she prepared her wet pussy..
-"Kyoko is ready."

Nanami insert Tanaka's huge cock inside Kyoko's wet vagina and moaned.
Nanami used Tanaka san as a human dildo she was making move inside her. Tanaka's muscle body is about 100kg or more, as if Nanami has no weight hanging his whole body with one hand, she moved faster and deeper inside Kyoko.

-"Faster! Move it Faster!"
-"As you wish Kyoko."

Nanami executed her orders, Kyoko moaned stronger, the feeling of Tanaka's dick inside made her hornier.

-"I... I'm cumming I'm cumming!!"
-"Nanami sama me too!"

Nanami removed Tanaka's dick inside of Kyoko, Kyoko came in a powerful orgasm and Tanaka san ejaculated on her.
Milk flowed in powerful stream. Kyoko finally fell asleep.

-"She takes time, Nanami sama."
-"I'm going to clean immediately."
-"What is it?"
-"It's my turn now!"
-"You're right, Nanami sama."

Nanami grabbed Tanaka dick, she licked it to make it erected, she turned to grab Kyoko nipple and she inserted Tanaka huge cock inside her.
She sucked the nipple and made Kyoko to moan in her sleep, she rubbed her breast.

She felt the huge dick moved deeper inside her, her tits were bouncing, she pinched one of her nipple and drank Kyoko's breast milk.

Tanaka speeded his moves, they were still deeper and became stronger, Nanami stopped drinking milk and put the huge nipple between her breasts, she rubbed her breast against faster.
Tanaka san removed his dick and ejaculated, Nanami came powerful stream of milk gushed from their nipples, Kyoko came too milk gushed from her nipple and splashed on Nanami.

-"You're so great Tanaka san."
-"Arigato Gozaimasu, Nanami sama."
-"I think I'm going to sleep too. Good night, Tanaka san!"
-"Have a nice dream Nanami sama."

Nanami fell asleep on one the still giving milk Kyoko's breast, Tanaka san went to the bathroom.

Kyoko awoke late in the morning,

"Ah!! I will be late!"
Kyoko jumped from her bed and started to run, she stopped and gave to her a punch in her face.

-"Baka! You left your job yesterday."

She went back on her bed and slept. She awoke suddenly, she watched around her...
"Where I am? It's my room. Huh why I'm naked! Oh yes! I remember now, I'm at Nanami's home. I wonder where she is. Huh?" Kyoko looked touched her tits...

-"They're huge! Huh??"

Kyoko stopped to expect her chest when she heard someone ran in her way.
It was Sanae, she was wearing a white bra and a white panties. Her huge was bouncing while she was running.

-"Seeemmmpppppaaaaaaiii !!!"
-"Sanae chan!! Don't!!"

Sanae didn't have the time to listen Kyoko she jumped on Kyoko's belly and plated Kyoko on her bed.

-"Ohayo Gozaimasu! sempai " She said with a cute smile.
-"O... oha yo, Sanae chan. Huh?"
-"Nan desu ka?"
-"Sanae chan your ears."

Kyoko touched Sanae's white cat ears and felt them to move when she was in contact with them.
Sanae smiled.

-"Dou? Kawaii desuka? senpai"
-"Ara, suteki!"
-"Sanae has a tail too, mite."

Sanae was happy to show her white tail to Kyoko. The tail was moving in all the direction. Kyoko seemed not to believe what she saw.

Sanae grabbed her tits with her hands and showed to Kyoko.

-"It's when Sanae drank Nanami's milkshake, it made Sanae chan to grow taller with big bust and with these cat ears and tail."
-"This isn't happen to me, maybe the milk's effect depends on the one who drinks."
-"Kyoko senpaihas bigger breast than me."
-"You right!" Kyoko watched and rubbed her bust. "But you're taller."

Sanae giggled when she smelled something.
-"*sniff* Sanae is smelling milk *sniff*."
-"I like milk."
-"That's why you take a glass when we took lunch together."

Sanae smelled Kyoko.
-"The smell *sniff* it comes from *sniff* Kyoko senpai"
-"Me? Oh! I see." Kyoko smiled took one of her breast and show it to Sanae.
-"Maybe you speak about this. Do you want a drink?"

Sanae answered with a smile and started to suck Kyoko nipple.
Kyoko to moaned she felt herself to grow, but she didn't grow alone Sanae too, her white bra and her white panties snapped.

They grew both and reached the sizes they reached yesterday evening, the bed was too small for them.
Kyoko felt her milk left her breast and went in Sanae's mouth. Sanae was sucking her nipples greedily, her tail moved fast, she was getting wet.

Kyoko lengthened, Sanae sat on her and grabbed the breast she was sucking.

The bed broke under their weights, Kyoko moaned stronger she felt she was coming.

Sanae used her grab the swollen nipple and sucked it as she was sucking a dick.
Kyoko screamed and milk came out from her nipples. Sanae removed her mouth and let her wet by the powerful eruption of milk.
She was enjoying her milk shower, she licked the milk on her.

-"Arigato, senpai... Sanae is happy, now I want to make happy her senpai"

Sanae stood up and put her between Kyoko's beautiful long legs, Kyoko closed her eyes put her hand in her mouth and bit her finger to avoid screaming,
Sanae was very good with tongue, she was eating Kyoko pussy with burning passion, she had waited for this time.

Her dream became true, she was making love with the person she loved the most.

Sanae wanted to say her she loved her but she always feared Kyoko rejected her.
Now she didn't need to worry anymore, she was with her and it was the only thing for her.
Her eyes were closed, she was licking with her the deepest feelings she had for Kyoko.

Kyoko was so horny, she never thought to be with Sanae like that would be so great, she was biting her finger stronger, her milking tits were full with milk were growing.
Her nipples erected and stopped to produce milk, they were shaking like volcanoes, Kyoko felt her body in melt she was going to burst she wasn't to stand, the eruption was imminent.

All her growing tits were shaking, Kyoko thought she was going to be crazy, she didn't believe Sanae made her so horny....
She bit her finger with all her strength and felt powerful geyser of milk flowed from her nipples. All the room was splashed by milk.

Sanae was licking her lips when she felt someone grabbed her by her tail.

-"You are a bad girl Sanae. Play with Kyoko without me is not fair."

It was Nanami she had accompanied back Megumi to her home. When she back she saw them, she grew to the same size she was yesterday evening and masturbated her until they finished.

-"Bo... Boss!"
-"You will pay for that." She said with a wicked smiled.
-"Nanami don't!"
-"Don't worry Kyoko you two will enjoy it."

Nanami drew Sanae by her tail to one of Kyoko nipple, she rubbed it and made it erected.

-"Now, let's begin!"
She carried Sanae by her legs and drew aside her wet pussy with her fingers.
-"What are you going to do with Sanae, Boss?"
-"Relax! You will like it!"

Nanami inserted Sanae's pussy on Kyoko's erected nipple, the two women screamed.

-"Do you like to be tit-fucked Sanae."
-"I,. ...Sa...Sanae.. never feels that before. It's great!!"

Nanami smiled and moved to the other nipple...
-"My turn now!" made erected the nipple and inserted it inside her.
She and Kyoko moaned with pleasure.

-"Iku wayo!! Sanae!!" -"Roger!!"

The two women closed their eyes and started their move on the nipples, Kyoko felt their wet vagina on her nipples and masturbate her. She closed eyes and kept her finger in mouth.

Nanami and Sanae were moving faster, they were moaning with pleasure they nipples erected, their tits were bouncing in all the ways.
Kyoko rubbed her stronger. Nanami grabbed her nipples and pinched them, Sanae grabbed her tits to make them to stop bouncing, she rubbed them vigorously.

All their bodies were in fire, they were so horny, they felt they were coming.
Their bodies contracted with orgasm, Nanami and Sanae screamed, Kyoko bit her finger the strongest she could.

Milk flowed in power streams.

Nanami and Sanae felt the milk was flowing inside her.

They got up, her pussy were wet with milk. In the same time the put the huge nipple between their breasts and sucked it.

Kyoko put her hand in her face and screamed with pleasure, the feelings of their tongue on her nipples made her hornier.

All this excitations were too much for her, she thought she would become crazy.
The two women rubbed their breast vigorously against the nipples. Kyoko felt like a man with two huge dicks and had each dick were between two huge tits of two women who sucked them.

Her breasts were growing and filling with milk, they were shaking stronger than before.

She moved her head in all the way, Nanami and Sanae felt the nipples grew in their mouth, they stopped to suck and stated to lick them.

Kyoko started to move her body in all the possible ways when she screamed with all her strength, her nipples shot a powerful geyser of milk that two rainbows appeared.
Nanami and Sanae sat and enjoyed the milk rain on their bodies.

Kyoko tried to take again her breath when she felt the Nanami and Sanae's tongues on her skin;

they licked the milk which had fallen on her. They reached her neck and started to kiss her Kyoko moaned.

Nanami bit her ear and asked her with her sexual voice...

-"Was it good?"

Kyoko opened her eyes, she turned her head, she watched her and answered with a big smile...
-"No, it was wonderful."

The three women fell asleep until Tanaka san came to awake them for lunch.

To be continued...

In the next episode:

-"Hi! I'm Sanae, and the girl with Sanae is Megumi chan."
-"Ko...Kon, Kon,nichi wa..."
-"You are too nervous Megumi."
-"Su... sumi masen Sanae san!"
-"It's Ok!"
-"We should present the next story."
-"You're right! In the next story will be dedicated to Sanae and Megumi."
-"I feel so embarrassed!"
-"You are too timid Megumi."

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....In this story Kyoko will not appear.

-"I wonder why you act so professionally. Now I know why."
Kyoko you hear....
-"Mochiron! And if you forget I'm the main character of this story and it's inconceivable that I and Nanami won't appear."
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