Growing Bar   By Gwadahunter2222 

 Chapter-04 : The Dark room

Warning: This story contains adult terms; don't read if you haven't the legal age.
This is a fictional story all resemblance with certain people or real fact it's a purely coincidence.

Everyone was walking in the street, they were going to the bar. Megumi was very embarrassed, she didn't like to be seen in that clothes.

-"Kaoru san!"
-"You don't like to be seen like that."
-"It's not that! But..."
-"Daijobu Megumi chan!"
-"Sanae san."

Sanae smiled to Megumi. Megumi felt convinced and smiled to her. They were both giggling to each other.

Kaoru watched the scene in silence and said in her mind ....
( Hm! Sanae has a strong influence on her, I must to concentrate on she an Kyoko first. )
An evil smile appeared on her face.

Nanami saw that and became worried... ( ..Oh.. she thought evil thing again...in hope that I could stop it... )
-"What are you going to do? Kaoru! Answer me!"
Kaoru turned to Nanami and said ?"You'll see when we arrive."
The situation was tense between the two sisters, Kyoko felt that.

-"Calm down Nanami!"
-"It seems the milky cow is reasonable now!"
-"You think I will forgive you what have you done, Little brat!"
-"You want I teach you another lesson little cow."
-"I prefer to wait we arrive to the bar first!"
-"As you wish!"
-"Kyoko onessan!"
-"Hm! Kyoko san!"

Everyone was to Kyoko's side Kaoru saw that....
-( This woman has something I can't describe if I don't act fast I will lose the control of the situation.
I think I will start with you first Kyoko. ) ....She thought.

In the same time Takeshi left the shower and was dressing him, he had just finish to clean the bar
"It's a strange place, I wonder how they will do. ...It's none my business. The most important is I finally find a job-potentially an 'arbeit', supply work--, and to get paid."

His penis raised in his pants...
"Even if I have two bombshells as superiors, they're tall but their breast are huge!"
He thought what he did with Kyoko "Not bad finally!" and was smiling with a pervert face when he heard the door open.

-"Welcome Nanami san."
-"Gomen nasai!"
-"Takeshi! Baka!"

Takeshi was punched by Kyoko, he flew, reached the ceiling and fell on the floor. Sanae try to calm Megumi who was shocked by that she saw and was crying in Sanae's arms.

-"Daijobu Megumi chan!"
-"Sanae san!"
-"This girl is very fearful!"
-"We ask you nothing Kaoru!"
-"Oh! Nanami you make me scared!" said Kaoru in ironic manner.
-"What! You want to fight with me!"

Kaoru felt someone behind her "Who!" She turned back and was crushed by two gigantic mammaries. It was Kyoko, she profited that Kaoru let her guard down to grow her chest and used them against her. -"So I'm a milky cow. Let's see what you think of that! Little brat!"
Kyoko made her body grew the bigger possible, her tits became more gigantic more than 200 cm. Her clothes was ripping, she was growing faster. In few minutes she reached 7m and was still growing.
She was enjoying her victory
"Now little girl! What will you do- Make me grow again?"

Kaoru was completely mashed under Kyoko's increasing weight, she burst to laugh
"You think you win! Let me teach you what the word grow mean!"

The room became darker. Nanami shouted "Kaoru! No!"
Kaoru didn't listen her sister and with a wicked face.

Kyoko don't understand what happen "What!"
Nanami became serious "Sanae chan, Megumi chan stay next to me."
The girls nodded with their heads and obeyed.
-"Tanaka san come to rescue Takeshi san!"
-"Hai, Nanami sama!"
Tanaka san jumped as a ninja and came back with Takeshi, the poor guy was still knocked down by Kyoko's punch.
-"He's still breathing Nanami sama!"
-"It isn't the most important Tanaka san!"
-"You mean Kyoko san."
-"I fear Kaoru won't be nice with her."

Everything was in the darkness, Kyoko watched in awe.
-"You are petrified milky cow! Let's the show begin!"

Kyoko felt Kaoru changed under her. Kaoru was growing older and taller.
She burst her basket shoes, her legs were growing longer, her hips was gaining weight and became curvy, her breast was swelling, she growing voluptuous, her child face transformed into a woman face.

Her clothes weren't too large again, they were too tight for her. Kyoko felt Kaoru's erected nipples against her skin, she was growing under her.
Kaoru's Bermuda shorts looked like a tight short on her, her growing breasts were pushing against the fabric. Kaoru was moaning, her voice became a seductive woman voice.
Rip noise was heard, her growing tore and showed her wet ripped panties. Her jacket and her T-shirt splintered from behind in a large rip noise. Her chest burst out her T-shirt.

Everyone observed the scene in awe. Kaoru was still growing, Kyoko felt to be pushed by Kaoru's body, Kaoru grabbed Kyoko's arms.
She was now to the same size as Kyoko, her breasts were huge 175 cm, she was watching Kyoko face to face and continued her growth.
Kyoko tried to free her but Kaoru was stronger. Kyoko felt Kaoru hands grew and their grip stronger.
When she reached 850 cm, Kaoru stood up with Kyoko in her hands. Kyoko's head barely reached her armpit, so everyone could see how big she was.
She grabbed Kyoko with her right hand, Kyoko watched the floor and saw the distance there was, she was scared...
"Who's the little girl now?"
Kaoru was watching Kyoko with a playfully face. "You're my toy now."

Kyoko felt her breasts grew, her nipples erected and were in pain. Her pussy was wet, she moaned with pleasure, she felt her chest grew with milk. She was ready to burst, her breast reached her feet and became heavier, nipples were huge.

Kaoru continued her growth and was able to grab Kyoko in her hand. Her body was so voluptuous, she watched Kyoko with lust and licked her lips, she pinched Kyoko's left nipples, Kyoko moaned, her tits were bigger than her body, and nipples so huge.

"Hm! I'm thirsty!"

When she heard that Kyoko felt her breasts growled, the pain in her nipples increased, she couldn't stand anymore.
Kaoru opened her mouth, Kyoko burst in a powerful orgasm, milk spurted from nipples and went into Kaoru's mouth.
Kyoko was so horny, she felt her chest shrunk. When Kaoru finish drinking, she let Kyoko fall.

-"Sempai!" When she saw that Sanae grew out her clothe as fast as she could, she jumped and grabbed Kyoko, and touched the ground with Kyoko in her arms.

-"You have done well Sanae san." ^_^
-"Arigato Tanaka san!" ^_^

Sanae stopped to smile and turned to Kaoru who was still growing.
It seemed she grew bustier "It seems I'm growing into a milky cow too."

She was enjoying her situation "Whose next?" She watched around her "Oh! You're so tiny!"
And she sat on the floor, the ground shook.
Kaoru giggled them trying to get their balance, "Oh! Excuse me for I'm so huge!"

Her attention was caught by Sanae who was holding Kyoko who was unconscious in her arms. Even she didn't saw Sanae's face due to her tits growing so humongous, Kaoru knew she was angry against her.

( Well-well, I will drain the energy of the kitty and the milky cow. ) Kaoru's eyes glowed....

Sanae started to feel strange "Huh!? What's happening?!"
Sanae felt Kyoko's body shrunk in her arms, Not only Kyoko, but also Sanae was shrinking in an instant.
She felt her ears became normal, her tail was shrinking, she and Kyoko was coming back to a former appearance.

"No! Sanae doesn't want back to normal, Sanae likes as Sanae is now! Nooo!" Sanae was crying, Nanami watched the scene with powerless, she couldn't do nothing, she hated herself for that.

Sanae and Kyoko came back to her former size, but the process didn't stop.

They were becoming younger, Megumi was horrified by that she saw. Sanae and Kyoko were changing before her eyes, they looked younger than her and were still regressing....
In the end there stopped her regression to 7 years old, same as former Kaoru looked like.


Takeshi awoke, he observed around him and saw darkness only.

-"Where am I? I'm in hell!"
-"Oh! You finally awoke! I thought you were dead."
-"Wh...Who are you?"
-"Please let me introduce myself. My name is Tanaka. I work for Nanami sama."
-"Ah...O,Ok! Where are we?"
-"We are in the dark room."
-"The dark room?"
-"We can say it's a type of dimension."
-"How do we arrive here?"
-"Look at behind you and you will understand."

Takeshi turned back and watched in awe.

-"Who's this girl?"
-"Her name is Kaoru sama. She's Nanami sama's elder sister."
-"I don't remember to see before."
-"Before Kyoko hit you and you lost conscious, she was the child you had seen."
-"What!? child? ...How can she grow older and to become so gigantic?"
-"Kaoru sama instead of Nanami sama, has the ability to grow to mega proportion."
-"But how does nobody see that?"
-"It's simple."
-"kaoru sama uses the dark room to do that."
-"I understand now. Huh! Kyoko san!"
-"Kaoru sama has the ability to drain people's energy and change them into child."
-"It's horrible!"

Tanaka san became serious.

-"The worst is coming."
-"Why do you say that?"
-"kaoru sama will take her real form. From now the serious things begin. Prepare yourself!"


Takeshi stared at behind him. "How can be possible!"
Kaoru was growing huger, her ears changed into white fox's ears, nine white fox's tails grew in her back, her eyes became fox eyes. Her breasts were so heavier and made her to lie down on them

"Ouch! It seems the energy of the fat cow made my chest grew heavier."

She could see now clearly everyone, she watched Megumi and smiled "Now is your turn little girl."
Megumi screamed -"Nooo!!!"

-"Stop Now Kaoru!"
-"You aren't in position to give order my dear little sister."

Nanami was very angry, Kaoru was smiling of her superiority on her sister, she watched Megumi with lust and licked her lips.

Megumi began to fell her cloches to become bigger on her, her breasts were shrinking, she was becoming younger, her glasses were too heavy for her nose, she was crying and screaming.
Tanaka san and Takeshi watched the scene in awe, Megumi finished naked before the two men. Takeshi gave her, the shirt he was wearing, he was dressing now only with his trunk.
Megumi was touched by his act and stopped to cry. Takeshi became serious and watched Nanami, she felt it and watched him.

-"What are you going to do?"
-"Me?? I... I..."
-"Do you let her to do what she wants? Do you like what's happening now?"
-"But why are you doing nothing?"
-"I can't do nothing."

Nanami began to cry, Takeshi seemed to be indifferent and was still serious.

-"Have you ever tried to stop her?"
-"I have already tried and every time I did it, I lost against her. She's stronger than me. I can't defeat her!"
Nanami fell on her knee and put her hands on the ground, and cried.
-"Megumi chan, Sanae san and Kyoko forgive me. I can do nothing."
-"Nanami sama."
-"I'm pitiful Tanaka san."
-"No! Nanami sama you..."


-"You're just an idiot!"

Everybody was surprised and watched where the voice came from.
It was Kyoko she awoke a long time ago and had heard everything and she wasn't happy by that she had heard.
Tanaka san : -"Kyoko san!"
Takeshi kun (Happy): -"Kyoko san"
-"Yes it's me!"
-"Let me do that Sanae chan!"
-"You deceive me Nanami."
-"Do you remember what you said me the first time we met."
-"Hai! I can't forget that!"
-"I believe in your words and your sincerity that's why I left my job and followed you."
-"Kyoko sempai is right! I do the same because Sanae trust in Nanami."
-"Sanae chan."
-"I think Sanae san is a nice person, she saved me without to fear about herself. I believe she's stronger than she thinks. I think she can defeat her if she really wants."
-"Megumi chan."

Kaoru watched the scene and laughed..
"Fool! You think really she can defeat me. If she wants to fight me as equal she must to show her real form."

-"What did you say brat?"
-"If she wants to have a chance to win against me she must reveal her true appearance."
-"What do you mean by that."
-"I'm surprise you don't hate her."
-"Why do we hate Nanami?"
-"Because she isn't really human."
-"What do you mean? Nanami is it true?"

Nanami said nothing, she didn't have the courage to watch Kyoko in face, Kyoko watched her and smiled.

-"I have already known it?"
Kyoko surprised everyone when she said that.
-"What! you mean!"
-"It seems you don't go outside a lot."
-"Let me say you that! It isn't necessary to be a genius to know Nanami isn't really human. Frankly a normal girl can make women grow busty and tall by breastfeeding.
I think I'm not really human too, because I have the same ability."

-"Kyoko onessan is right, the first I grew was when I drank her milk."
-"Sanae isn't really human too and Sanae loves to be a catgirl."
-"It seems they like their new condition Nanami sama."
-"What?" Everyone was watching Takeshi.
-"I feel embarrassed to say that but I'm a GTS fan and I always phantasm to live with busty tall women." ^_^
-"I think you're crazy Takeshi kun."(Kyoko)
-"Sanae thinks Takeshi kun is a big perverts."
-"..." (Megumi)
Megumi watched him and was embarrassed.
-"You're strange guy Takeshi san." (Tanaka san)
-"You're too harsh with me."

Everyone was giggling, Nanami watched them and giggled too and burst to laugh.
-"Thank you everyone!"
-"It's normal Nanami we're friends now."

Kyoko and Nanami were watching themselves in silence when Kaoru hit the floor with her right hand and made an earthquake. Nanami reacted and protected everyone with protective field.

-"You decide to fight me Nanami."
Nanami watched Kyoko, Kyoko smiled to her.
-"Show her it's your bar and who's the boss."


Nanami smiled to her, Kyoko was happy. Nanami became serious.

-"Tanaka san How tall is she?"
-"2500 M Nanami sama."
-"Good luck Nanami sama!"
-"Daijobu, I will be fine. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"

Nanami's body was shining her clothes disintegrated. She grow taller, her breast became huge, wings appeared on her back the left wing was black and the right one was white, a white lizard's tail grew, she had two horns on her face, her entire body was tattooed by black marks, eyes changed to dragon eyes.

Kaoru was surprised she stood on her feet and saw her sister to grow to her size. They watched themselves face to face, their breasts were to the same size and touched them.

-"So you decide to reveal your true appearance. I thought you were disgusting by it."
-"You're right I hated myself because I always feared the reaction of the others, but now I have found friend who accept me as I am."
-"Are you sure?"
-"If you doubt ask them directly."

Nanami showed to Kaoru a sphere of energy she was holding in her right hand inside it she saw everyone. They were encouraging Nanami.

(Megumi) -"Gambate Nanami san!"
(Takeshi)-"We trust to you!"
(Sanae)- "Daijobu! Sanae will always make you clothes for you."
(Tanaka)-"I will always serve you."
Kyoko-"Nanami! Burst her face for me!"

Kaoru didn't understand what happen, she were shocked by their reactions.
-"Wh...Why... Why they don't hate you? Why they want to stay with? I don't understand! Why?"

Nanami smiled to Kaoru, she is now growing more humongous than her sister, and her mammaries is swelling out over her sister's. They are now bigger than kaoru, covered with her elder sister's breast.

Feeling horrified, Kaoru barraged an aura absorbing bullets directly at Nanami as far as all her force, but Nanami easily guarded all of them with only left hand. As she is holding her magic sphere within her little friends, she beams gentle smile to Kaoru...

Suddenly Kaoru was afraid by that, she fell on the ground on her ass, she moved away from Nanami..

"N..No! Don't come! Don't come next to me! Go away!"

Nanami smiled and came next to her sister, she put her left knee on the ground and put her left hand on Kaoru's left shoulder.


-"Arigato Onessan!"
-"I understand your feeling. You acted like that because you worry about me, I know you make it to protect me."
-"You have always taken care of me since I was young."
-"Nanami I... I..." Kaoru began to sob.
Nanami smiled to her took her in her arms
-"I know Kaoru. I know."
-"Hey Kitsune! Why don't you stay with us?"
-"The milky cow."
-"I understand you I will do the same but it isn't a reason to act like you do. It seems you don't have friend. Right?"
-"How do you know that?"
-"Pff! Even you are her elder sister you still act like a child, I think it's the reason you keep on a child when you shrink. And maybe we could become friend."

Kaoru was touched by Kyoko's word she tries to hide that.
"You win this time but I won't lose against you anymore."
Kyoko giggled "I will like to see that."
-"I will show you."
Since Kyoko and Kaoru have become friend. Nanami was very happy.

Everything came back to normal.

Kyoko Sanae and Megumi came back to normal, they were happy to came in her new normal size.

-"Sumi masen Takeshi sempai, I ripped you shirt."
-"That's nothing! Haa!"
Suddenly blood gushed from Takeshi's nose, he fell on the floor and was completely knocked down.
-"Don't worry Megumi chan it prove you have a strong sex appeal."
-"But Nanami san."
-"Daijobu." Nanami smiled to her.
-"I think Megumi san is right, Nanami sama. It's not normal! I felt strongly to be attracted to Megumi san."
-"Sanae too."
-"What's happen to you!"
-"I think I'm responsible of this...."
-"What do you do Kaoru?"
-"For to forgive me! I give some gifts to everyone."
-"What's Megumi chan's gift?"
-"It seems she has problem to seduce people. I decide to increase her sex appeal."
-"I increase the power of her pheromone. Now Megumi chan you are a powerful bombshell, you can seduce as good as boys than girls."

Megumi felt embarrassed -"I think Kaoru san didn't need to do that."
-"It's great news Megumi chan! Megumi chan will a be a popular girl and have a lot friend!"
-"Sanae san!!"
-"I have a gift for you Sanae san..."
-"Look the milky cow!"
-"What happened to me?"

Sanae watched Kyoko with her shining eyes.
-"Sanae is very happy! Arigato!"
-"I'm happy you like it."
-"I don't like it me! Look at me!"

Kyoko had now black and white cow's ears and a black and white cow's tails, two little horns grew on her head. She completely looked like a milky cow now.

Nanami giggled -"I think I will like too."
-"I think you cuter now, Kyoko!"
-"Hm! You think really Nanami?"
Nanami answered with her sensual voice-"Hai!"

Kyoko reddened and became excited. Kaoru saw that and smiled.

-"I really you liked it."
-"You kitsune say me why is my gift."
-"hm! I just increase your power!"
-"My power?!"
-"Hai! I increase your lactate abilities."
-"What do you mean exactly?"
-"When you drink my sister milk, you received a powerful magic powers I increase them."
-"Kyoko! Kaoru means by that you have the same effect as me. The proof is I use your milk to make the milkshake Sanae drank and you know what happned next. It was the same for Megumi chan."
-"Now! I'm more powerfull."

The two sisters act like twins. They smiled and nodded with their heads.

-"Ano... Nanami san, Kaoru san! Are you twins sisters?"
"hai! Megumi chan!"
-"Wh... What?"

They giggled and said.
-"You didn't see that Kyoko!"
-"Nanami san and Kaoru have the same smell. Sempai"
-"Sanae chan you too..."
-"It means I'm the one who didn't know that."
-"You and Takeshi san only...more precisely."
-"Arigato, Tanaka san for the precision." Kyoko said in tears.
-"Only me!" Kyoko sat on the floor and burst on tears.

Everyone spent the resting time to finish the preparation of the bar.

They finished late in the night, Megumi and Takeshi kun were teleported to their respective home.
Tanaka teleported everyone at home, they went directly to bed.

Kyoko was in her bed when she heard someone opened the door. It was Nanami, she wore a sexy nightdress, she was smiling.

-"May I sleep with you?"
-"You have problems to sleep?"
-"I'm cold."
-"In that case come here I'm going to warm you."

Kyoko made a place under her cover, revealing her black and white nighties, Sanae made them at her request.
It seems she finally likes wearing black and white clothes same as milky cow's fur.
Nanami closed the door behind her joined Kyoko in the bed, Kyoko covered her and took her in her arms she felt her chest on Nanami.

They watched themselves and smiled.
-"Honto ni Arigato... Without your help I couldn't defeat her."
-"That was nothing! I think it's me who must thank you. Since I met you a lot of things have happened in my life. I like my new life with you Nanami."
-"Arrigato Kyoko! I think it will be okay if you stand by me."
Kyoko giggled -"I think the same too Nanami."

They kissed and slept in the arms of each other.

The End (not really)

Author's note:

Now the growing bar will open! The first customers are going to arrive.
We will know their stories and her fantasy and you will be surprised by that you will see.
The clothes will burst. Don't miss the next chapters.

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